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In the 1955 U.S. Open, Ben Hogan was going for his unprecendented 5th championship. But that was not to be. Jack Fleck, through determination, grace under pressure, and Divine intervention, defeated Ben Hogan 69-72.

Jack is still active in golf playing on the Great Grand Champion Tour, doing clinics and personal instruction. Read more about Jack Fleck here.

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Library of the Historic 1955 U.S. Open

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  3. 1955 U.S. Open Fleck vs. Hogan

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Be A "Golf Tour Champion"
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Be a "Golf Tour Champion," a book with the "Real Secret" to great shot making, revealed by Jack Fleck, 1955 U.S. Open Champion. Jack used his "Secret" sighting and concentrating on his target for all his years on the PGA Tour.

Had Jack putted halfway decent, he would have won many championships and tournaments over his years on tour!

Most all golfers, both Pros on Tour and tournament amateurs, give a quick, short glimpse at their target with no concentrating on the site! You must practice wiggle-waggling and really concentrating on your target about four or five seconds each wiggle to really concentrate earnestly and effectively. Your last thought should be your target, after wiggle-waggling. Not a quick, short glimpse that is only looking at the world.

The Conscious and Subconscious mind is directing the great shot-making! Most all of the Pros are great putters but they must improve their consistent shot-making!

Be A "Golf Tour Champion"

The Mental Secret To Better Golf
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Improve your score! Jack's own photos and views of the most simplified golf instructions ever published!

- A Texas golfer, consistently a 93 to 95 shooter, after using the Jack Fleck "Mental Secret To Better Golf" and about 10 months of serious practicing, shot a 77 from front tees and an 82 from back tees. He's now shooting consistently in the mid to high 70's and really enjoying his golf!
- An ardent golfer's letter of improvement - "...taken 10 shots off of my golf score! Simplicity is the key to Jack's ideas..."

The Mental Secret To Better Golf

1955 U.S. Open Fleck vs. Hogan
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The Fairest And Most Challenging U.S. Open Ever Played - The golf course was in great championship condition with narrow fairways and dense rough from a week of very damp weather!

1955 U.S. Open Fleck vs. Hogan

The Jack Fleck Story
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Jack's life biography including the 1955 U.S. Open playoff, hole-by-hole, shot-by-shot.

The Jack Fleck Story

3 Large, Historic Photos
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Three large, historic photos of scenes from the 1955 U.S. Open and playoff

3 Large, Historic Photos of the 1955 U.S. Open

'55 U.S. Open Video
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With comments from Ben Hogan about the playoff. The 1955 U.S. Open Playoff between Jack Fleck and Ben Hogan took place on June 19, 1955 at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, CA. Jack Fleck won 69 to 72 over Ben Hogan. Hogan describes parts of the playoff. No one else has footage of Ben Hogan talking about this playoff that we are aware of.

1955 U.S. Open Video
VHS Format

1955 U.S. Open Video
DVD Format

For more information, contact Ed Tallach at 800-644-9909.

Jack Fleck
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