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About Jack Fleck

Jack Fleck started as a caddy in the mid-1930's. On the day of his graduation from high school, Jack said, "I am going to be a golf pro."

Jack served as an assistant golf pro before joining the Navy during WWII. He was separated from Naval service after duty on a British rocket ship, firing at two invasions of France. Within two weeks after separation, Jack was on the winter golf tour with pro friends, trying to qualify for PGA Tour events.

After a few years of competing in local and PGA Tour events, Jack was finally getting in the money. (very little money) He decided to play the PGA Tour full-time for two years regular.

Six months later, Jack tied Ben Hogan for the 1955 U.S. Open at Olympic Club in San Francisco. He went on to win the playoff over Hogan in "The Greatest Upset in Sports History" and "The Playoff of the Century".

NBC had the first contracted TV coverage of a U.S. Open that year for one hour. It went off the air when Jack was on the 71st hole, with NBC saying that Ben Hogan has won his unprecedented 5th U.S. Open.

Jack Fleck won an 18-hole playoff on June 19, 1955 over Hogan with a score of 69 to 72.

Jack wrote every word of his autobiography, The Jack Fleck Story, about his life and winning the U.S. Open. The book covers the historic playoff shot-by-shot.

2005 is the Golden Anniversary of Jack's win over Ben Hogan, 50 years ago in 1955.

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